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Modern Slavery Statement


We are commited to stamping out all slavery and exploitation in our supply chain. As a design agency which works with people across Europe and the US remotely, contributing to modern slavery is a potential risk we have identified. In order to prevent this from ever occuring, we check and scrutinise risky areas, ensuring we have strong relationships with suppliers and those who work with us.

We understand the abhorrent crime of slavery and devastating impact it has on lives around the world. In this statement the steps taken to entirely prevent it are outlined. We believe all work needs to be compensated adequately and conditions must be fit, proper and suitable for people we work with.

We only hire individuals

Unlike some other agencies which hire potentially dubious 3rd world companies to fulfill their clients requirements, we only work directly with highly skilled individuals. Precise only creates direct working relationships with individuals, not groups. A great deal of time is invested in getting to know people who work with us so that we not only have professsional relations but friendships too. As a result, the scope for slavery to occur is minimised to such an extent it is almost non existant.

To be continued...

A full modern slavery statement is being prepared.

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