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Environmental Policy

Reduce, reuse, recycle

We value our environment and believe that our actions as a design consultancy must be in line with reducing harm to the environment. Whether this is by reducing carbon emissions or designing products to last, we ensure the impact is as low as it can possibly be.

Reduction of plastics

Plastics are a superb, versatile material whch have revolutionised packaging and the very way we lead our lives over the past 50 years. However, we are very aware of the long term harmful effects disposing of them can cause. Plastics are polluting our seas and finding their way into the foodchain, disrupting hormones and causing untold damage for ecosystems. This is why we ensure that plastics are only used when needed, and not to excess. We avoid enabling the production of single use plastics for our projects, and select product plastics which are recyclable and if possible, do not contain harmful agents eg(Bisphenol A) or shapes (eg. Beer can holding nets, which are harmful to wildlife).

In mentioning this, we call on our fellow design industry colleages, from agencies to freelancers in all fields to analyse their use of plastics and make appropriate changes and reductions where possible. Designers hold a key role in influencing changes in regard to plastics waste.

Reduction of CO2

We aim to reduce emissions where possible, we do this by:

Reduction of pollutants

Design practices which create pollutants are to be avoided if an alternative exists.

Clients whose product or service is deemed polluting or wasteful will not be provided with design services.

Designing responsible solutions

We balance the environmental impact of all design solutions with business goals. We design solutions that are environmentally responsible. Environmental impact is a key factor which we keep in mind throughout the design process and aim to accomodate where appropriate.

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