A rapidly expanding Danish startup which worked with to produce a platform and brand.

Reimagining the realms of printing

The problem

Kuyatryk is a print company which wanted to improve their brand and user experience. We identified two major areas in which we could help. Firstly, the brand required a refresh to reflect their current business, placing it at the forefront of innovation, while reflecting the charity work they conduct. Secondly, the web system was in need of a redesign to serve customers in an easy, fast, and innovative way. Next we designed a browser based application for editing print files.

1.0—The Brand

Kuyatryk approached us to refresh their brand and produce a new innovative print ordering platform.

We selected the FF Mark typeface as it is exciting and friendly, yet sharp and legible.

Logo horizontal

Logo natural

2.0—The Web platform

We crafted a fully responsive web platform which allows customers to purchase print products easily.

3.0—Landing pages

We designed various landing pages as part of their marketing strategy.

4.0—Print design software

We design a modern print designer which is unrivalled in features.

Previous project


We redesign the printed training material for a rapidly expanding recruitment company

Next project

Traff UX

We examine the user experience of roads in Britain.

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