Passenger information system

Taking transport to its full potential by applying user experience design alongside emerging technology.

The problem

Information is currently the biggest issue the UK transport sector has to tackle according to the Department for Transport. Better use of public information displays to relay information is something which we set out to explore in this project.

Train Problems

62% of passengers say that they have experienced problems with finding out information when on board trains.

The industry is only beginning to make use of displays for information. This opens up a wealth of information which can be presented to passengers. However, the design of these systems is often ill thought out and thus not very helpful. We design an entire passegner information system front end to display relevant, clear, and beautiful information to those making their journeys.

A journey is an experience

Considering the user

We set out to identify customer needs as they used the transport. We found that people would like to know which side the doors are going to open, and connecting buses from the next station.

Reducing pain points

Many customers find using rail a stressful and claustrophobic experience. Dark shades with bright elements produce a modern and comforting visual aura. We juxtapose the 1914 Johnston typeface with futuristic styles to produces an incredibly modern identity with a classic twist.

Cut out frustration

When things go wrong people need to know what is happening. Screens such as this relay information clearly to users so they understand what is happening immediately. This provides a sense of control to the situation and makes people happier.

Johnston typeface copyright TfL.

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