A rapidly expanding recruitment company based in the Perfume Factory North Acton.

1.0—The problem

Brightsparks sources and recruits the best people for short term event work. Training is a crucial aspect of providing the best quality event teams and design is a powerful tool to provide the best training possible. We found that their current training manuals handed out to new recruits were vital to how successful training sessions could be.

Putting the spark into brightsparks

2.0—The solution

We used bold colours and focussed on typography to create a burst of vibrance on each page. This increased the level of engagement new recruits had and made the experience better for both trainees and teachers.

2.0—The solution

In addition to providing step by step training, the manual can also be used as an on the job guide for Brightsparks staff. People will rely on this booklet in emergency situations, so we used design features such as calm cooling colours, bold simple and clear typography to allow information to be absorbed quickly when it matters most.

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